Friday, 26 September 2014


Anyone with an interest in the macabre and heavy music will of course be familiar with Alice Cooper. The original shock rocker, heavy metal musician and theatrical pioneer.

This little doco is quite unique in the way it focus' in on the childhood of Vincent Furnier the child who would grow up to take on the personality of Alice Cooper. There are some nice (and creepy) little insights into his child hood and how the personality of Alice came about (I won't spoil it here) and more importantly how Vincents' personality got taken over by self destructive entity that was Alice Cooper, and even more importantly how Vincent was finally able to peacefully co-exist with the personality he created.

There is of course the usual commentary on how the band came about, as well as the obilgatory tales of rock and roll excess, but the story telling in this DVD is almost magic, in both a personal way and in the way it has been edited together combining old footage and photos. The photo's and video have been combined to make it visually appealing for a generation used to much more complex CGI and big explosions, which I guess takes inspiration from Alices' love of art as well as music. Combined these factors create a captivating viewing experience quite unlike any rock doco I've ever seen before.

I am of course a fan of Alice Cooper but I'd like to think this doco would translate well beyond the fans of the band and would be interesting to anyone with an interest in the 60's or rock and roll in general and how it mutated in to heavy metal.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


This now legendary icon of cinematic gore, was originally released in 1980 or sometime around then, this movie was from what I hear banned in more places than it was allowed to be shown. I have to say it's one of the more extreme films ever created in terms of gore and violence for both its time and even now, it still manages to curdle the blood.

Based on the story of a group of journalists who have some footage of collegues who have gone missing in the south american jungle they too venture in after them to research the indigenous tribes and figure out what happened to their friends. They end up making complete assholes of themselves instead and incur the anger of the local cannibal population.

There has been some speculation as to wether or not gore scenes in this film are real and Italian director Reggero Deodato even got arrested on obscenity charges and then later released upon further investigation. Either way the budget filming techniques and realistic violence and sadism really to make this one seem pretty realistic. Sadism and cruelty abound. This is not one for the faint hearted as scenes of real animal violence and some graphic rape scenes really push the boundaries

Different people will have different opinions on this film. If you're a horror fan its worth watching, but I don't think its the most outsanding film ever. By the time the film is done you're left feeling almost beaten up and worn out. It has some interesting social commentary as well on the how far civilised man has or hasn't progressed.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

I used to think the Ninja Turtles were alright when i was a kid but they were never the biggest hit with me (i preferred the transformers hehe) but it was really cool that the Turtles have survived long enough for me to take my little boy out to it and it still hold relevence for kids these days.

This movie won't change your life. Its pretty cool for what it is, a break from reality for a couple of hours and some great action shots and and quite enjoyable action scenes and even a little humour thrown in. Its a good time and a plot is simple enough to allow kids, especially boys(whom its aimed at) to dig it but enough humour and action to keep the parents entertained too. The graphics and visuals in this are awesome. It is directed by Michael Bay (of transformers fame) and has a similar style feel and humour to those movies. I'd say if you liked the Transformers movies you'd like this. The similarities between this and the Transformers don't end there either..  This movie of course features ultra babe, Megan Fox in pretty much the same role she played in Transformers. Me thinks she was deliberatly placed to keep the big kids interested on the movie but hopefully wont have the other effect of having your young kids asking "Where did I come from Daddy?" The Main villain in the Story is of course Shredder who looks and moves suspiciously like Megatron of Transformers fame.

 Either way don't analyse this film too closely just sit back and and Enjoy the action!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

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