Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Just wanted to send a big cheers and out to AEA (Auto Erotic Asphixium Zine) for their review / plug on their zine! hopefully we can get a few more metal heads over to read this blog as I know many of you metal dudes and dudettes love a good horror flick!


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Saturday, 18 March 2017


For some reason known only to myself, I decided to pick this as the my horror flick for the week :/

Troma films have a habit of being painfully shite. Luckily I found this one at flea market (as there's no way I'd pay full price for anything Troma release)

This one takes place on the set of a horror flick, while a serial killer picks off characters one by one. Beyond that, there doesn't seem to be any real plot to this story it does provide a few cheap laughs, cool gore scenes, and gratituous nudity so at least its not a total waste of time.  The best way to approach these films is not to think too hard about these things, turn off the brain and sit back and enjoy the brain dead horror fest that follows in the retarded footsteps of many Troma films before it. As an added bonus Troma co-founder Larry Kauffman plays a blind film director (which judging by their past efforts may explain a few things) and adds a cool feeling that they can take the piss out of themselves. There's some cool cameos in this too (most notably "Lemmy" from Motorhead) but really nothing will save this film or lift it out of the gutter in which it dwells.

Watch it once if you're bored shitless for some reason, or you're too hungover to think .... I can't see myself watching this one again to be honest but it wasn't a total waste of time.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017


Here's some cool and original artwork by a friend of mine who goes by the name of 'Scurvy' from Perth in Australia. What makes this stand out is that the art works are all painted using her own blood!
She's got a like page on facebook set up so go give it a look HERE , though its more to do with her photography than her art but hopefully she features all this stuff or gets another like page!

Art by scurvey (http://www.gorenography.com)
Art by scurvey (http://www.gorenography.com)Art by scurvey (http://www.gorenography.com) Art by scurvey (http://www.gorenography.com)

Art by scurvey (http://www.gorenography.com)

Saturday, 4 March 2017


Ok, now that the site has been around a couple of years we've obviously got a fair few reviews that you guys can go back and read thru! They've all been listed on the "Reviews" page which you can access by clicking the tab above... there's some good ones in there too.... looking back on it I can't believe how many horror reviews I've managed to do!

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THE HILLS HAVE EYES (2006 - Remake)

Its been a while since I've been able to post on here so great to be back! hopefully we'll keep the momentum going from last year!

The original "Hills Have Eyes" (directed by Wes Craven) from 1977 was an intensely creepy and engrossing affair and i have to say I think this is a worthy remake. Is it as good as the original? Not sure, I can barely remember the original as I watched it so long ago, but its a great film for those that never saw the original and a great re-boot

This one centres around an extended family travelling across the american desert, when they are 'stopped' dead in their tracks in the middle of nowhere by some mysterious inbred mutated desert folk. Their sudden stop tests the existing tensions within the family while they figure out a way to get out of their predicament. A family divided of course makes an easier target and while the grandfather goes back into town (the nearest settlement with human life and a petrol station) the creepy children of the dirt circle in on the family and one by one commit atrocities on the unsuspecting family.

I found this one to be immensely watchable and genuinely disturbing and from what I remember the gore has been amplified substantially from the original.. While its impossible in my opinion to capture the feeling of those 70's horror flicks this does make up for it in other area's

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Saturday, 4 February 2017


Paranormal Activity - For more great reviews and stuff check out http://www.gorenography.com

This one centres in on couple Katie and Micha who have been experiencing 'something not quite right' with the house they are in... is it haunted? Posessed? The couple aren't overly worried at this point, as Katie has has experienced some level of supernatural activity much of her life from childhood onwards... and really, it's just the odd 'clunky' noise and things moving in the night...  The couple decide to investigate what is going in in their house, Micha decides to start recording the goings on in the house via and old video camera and bit by bit stuff starts getting weirder.

Micha who is new to the whole paranormal thing thinks its all fun and games, but Katie starts to think maybe they are pushing whatever is in their house too far especially when Micha starts messing with an ouija board.

This is a rather well layed out movie shot in the 'found footage' style of film that had become a bit of a thing at the time. While there's no level of gore or horror in  this film, it is a well made and captivating and riveting watch the whole time. If you've ever experienced things going bump in the night at your place this will hit you a psychological level. Nothing in this film comes across to me as contrived or cheesy. Katie is super-cute too which makes the viewing rather easy on the eyes as well....

EDIT: This movie really impressed me! As a side note, I decided to do some research on the film and it turns out (well, according to wikipedia) that this was the most profitable film ever made when based on a costs v return ratio as the film would have cost virtually nothing to make yet made a huge impact at the box office. It proves to me that one person can do a lot with a shoe-string budget and only 7 days to work with, my hat comes off to you Mr. Peli... you have created a masterpeice!

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Friday, 3 February 2017


More 80's Cheesiness here, with Trick or Treat. For those old enough to remember, Heavy Metal was a dirty word in the 1980's with Tipper Gore (wife of future politician Al Gore) leading a movement called the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Centre) which condemned rock n roll and heavy metal as tools of the devil and even tried to get many heavy metal bands banned or censored, claiming some bands had backmasked messages in their songs which would subliminally influence the youth of America.

This movie is based loosely on that controversy in a tongue in cheek fashion using the idea that heavy metal can summon the dead. It follows the trials and tribulations of Eddie, a young metal fan who is getting mercilessly bullied at school. His Idol, Sammi Curr who co-incidently went to the same highs chool many years earlier dies and Eddie manages to summon his spirit when inadvertantly playing Sammi's last unreleased recording backwards. The returned Sammi Curr then wreaks his revenge on unsuspecting victims and of course it's then up to Eddie to try and stop his Idol Sammi.

This movie is quite watchable if you like 80's Shlock, and 80's heavy metal (which I do),  but I'm not sure how others would take it. Honestly, there are a couple of cool little cameos including Gene Simmons (KISS) and of course Ozzy Osbourne perfectly cast as a concerned preacher looking out for the youth of the day, bu  if you don't like 80's heavy metal this will probably bore the shit out of you. The 80's was a special time full of awesome denim and big hair that now looks so cringe worthy its almost worth watching the film for the fashion horrors alone ... which many of us lived!

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