Saturday, 19 May 2018

FEAST (2005)

This is by no means a classic of the horror genre but it's a decent watch and manages to keep your attention the whole way through. It's produced by horror legend Wes Craven (responsible for A Nightmare on Elm St. , and Last House on the Left amongst others) so you know it will be of at least decent quality. The creature effects and horror are top notch with the horror looking very convincing with some genuinely disturbing scenes in this

The movie itself revolves around a bar in "outback" America (presumably Texas), where the few locals are having a quiet drink and a distressed traveller comes in warning of the vicious creatures attacking everything in site. The creatures themselves are hideous and well designed. The locals board up the bar and prepare for the coming onslaught. The action pretty much takes place within the confines of the bar as one by one the drinkers are picked off by the flesh eating creatures.

The plot is fairly simple and straight forward (I've pretty much summed it up there) the group covers the usual stereotypes, couple of tough biker looking types and singer Henry Rollins as a character called 'Coach' the action moves along well and the film is quite enjoyable... Some impressive star power with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as two of the main barfly characters make sure this will have a larger than B grade appeal. Over all its less of a 'thinker' and more a sit back and enjoy the ride type of movie...

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


"Deathstalker (1984) reviewed on http://www.gorenography.comHmmm.... not sure what to say about this one, it had the potential to be good, not great but at least decent as a B grade, but some shitty editing in the fight scenes and the general cheesy-ness in the ending for me has dropped it back to "D" grade. I've since found out this film was directed by none other than ROGER CORMAN who was responsible for a literal tidal wave of crap films that came out in the 80's (and possibly late 70's) which would explain a lot.

 As a fantasy film, It's a bit thin on the plot, but at the time of release there probably wasn't much to compete with with the exception of "Conan the barbarian" which would have blown it out of the water in terms of both plot and direction and choreography, so basically just go watch that instead.

Plot wise it revolves around some quest or something to find an amulet, ring and something else, possibly a sword. There's witches and ogres and dwarf like things, some hot barbarian babes get naked, not long into the film the focus seems to switch to a warrior tournament held the king Munkar, of a nearby town who holds a couple of the items. I have to say it felt kind of disjointed in parts, but somehow I doubt that anyone who lasted more than 20 minutes into the movie really cares that much anyway.

Still if you have nothing better to do, it will kill an hour and a half of your life and there's some nice looking females to keep you half interested and some laughs from the corny special effects and half baked sword play.  Like I said before,  a little more thought into this film and it could have been a solid "B" grade watch. 

Again I have found it on you tube for you guys !!!

Saturday, 12 May 2018


Now this is a refreshing change, a horror/comdey that's actually funny.... While I doubt anything in this movie would scare anyone reading this blog this is a genuinely funny watch. Elvira (most famous for her movie compare's in the 80s) stars as herself in the 1800's as a struggling performer making her way from from Carpathia to Paris (with no money) where she is to perform as part of some review.

Elvira and her assistant are picked up by a business man who is making his way to Romania and the Elvira spends the night in a castle owned by the business associate he's supposed to meet, where it is discovered she bares a striking resemblance to the Owner's (Lord Hellsebus) deceased wife Ellura

The plot thickens as basically everyone in the household seems to loose their minds over the Ellura connection... A mystery which Elvira comically gets to the bottom of in her own unique way.

Whilst in the castle Elvira gets up to her usual hijinks an of course looks stunning in her black and rather asset revealing trademark dress. The cheesy jokes, black humor, some musical numbers and innuendo we all love are here, though not as obvious as in the first film. It's nothing to be taken too seriously and is probably best enjoyed with a light heart... leave your brain at the door and have a good laugh!. I found this one to be immensely fun, though I will say I liked Elvira's first movie better.

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Friday, 4 May 2018


As I jammed this one into the DVD player I sat down with beer in hand eagerly awaiting another chapter in Romero's  "...Dead" series........ Luckily I bought this one for a couple of dollars at a flea market because it was only a few minutes into the film I realised I'd been duped.

Basically its either a blatent rip off or a poorly executed tribute to George Romero. The Day of the Dead logo is used (or ripped off) leading one to believe its an official part of Romero's franchise. The cover art is also presented in the same style as "Day of the Dead"and is presented as a prequel of sorts to the cult classic.

The "Acting" in this film is woeful....... No body in the cast displays any redeeming qualities and now I think about it, I don't recall seeing any of these people before or since this film... Safe to say the dead really to have a better chance of coming back to life than these poor peoples acting careers.

There is a plot of sorts, but I have no idea really as much of it didn't make any sense anyway (many details to me just seemed to me to be out of time-line flow anachorisms IE: how did they have video calling in a movie that was meant to have taken place before DAY OF THE DEAD?) ...  I couldn't focus on it, and it just annoyed me, so I decided to drink more beer instead... There are some half reasonable special effects  and a lot of shithouse special effects which come across as cheap and half arsed.  Later on in the film the quality of gore and zombies does improve to the point where its actually *somewhat* reasonable, but unfortunately that alone does not make a movie make. 

Overall best avoid ,,, there are lots of other much higher quality zombie flicks to get before you worry about wasting time and money on this one, even some of the other shit ones (zombie women of satan, troma films etc....)  at least throw in some laughs or female nudity... but this has no real redeeming qualities at all.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Reviewed at http://www.gorenography.comThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre (a horror classic in its own right) was loosely based on a true story of a series of Texas killings and based on the life of Ed Gein. Not sure how accurate the retelling of said story was but in this the sequel, from my understanding it took a LOT of liberties with the truth but the plot departs further into a more twisted tale of mass killings, taking place 13 years after the still unsolved murders portrayed in the original film.

This is a higher budget, and much gorier continuation of the story, focusing on not only on Leatherface but the rest of his family. I guess the family that plays together ,  stays together.

Having said that, if you can suspend some disbelief in the plot and timeline (like how did the family get so much money/time to create the entire underground section of the farm between the times of part 1 and this movie...)  this is a great watch and captivating from start to finish. The twisted depravity of Leatherface's family is captured perfectly... has a very similar feel in parts to Rob Zombie movies like "House of 1000 corpses" perhaps this was an influence on a young mr. Zombie? Who knows?

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Sunday, 29 April 2018

THE RING (2002)

I have to confess I haven't seen the original Japanese version of this (directed only a few years earlier) but after watching this one I'll definitely get around to it sometime soon (I have the Ring O prequel to watch as well) This film is a genuinely thrilling and suspenseful ride. Australian actress Naomi Watts as lead character Rachel looks stunning in this and everyone does a great job in acting their parts so theirs no real complaints here to level at the film makers.

There's no real gore or horror perse in this movie either which means it has to rely on direction and a solid plot both of which it has in ample quantities.

The plot itself revolves around a video tape which has been circulating for a while now and whoever watches it dies after 7 days. The last two victims being Rachel's niece and her boyfriend.... Obviously Rachel doesn't believe in the curse that the VHS tape carries but starts investigating the case and backtracking the events that led up to the death of her niece. Investigations lead her to a cabin her niece and friends shared on the night she viewed the tape and of course Rachel ends up watching the tape as well. The then asks her ex partner for advice about the tape and of course he ends up watching it thus numbering his days as well.

As investigations continue the VHS starts manifesting itself into real life which is when Rachel realises she's got some big problems ahead of her. The race to get to the bottom of the cursed tape starts. Some great plot twists ensure the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through, but of course I won't spoil those bits for you so you'll just have to watch it for yourself!

Anyway I thought this was quite a well done film and would have no problems recommending it to anyone. And if nothing else I did learn a little more about the VHS format I grew up watching horror movies on!

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Saturday, 28 April 2018


Its a quiet Saturday night in for me this week and I thought I'd put one something easier on the senses so I dragged out an old VHS copy of FRANKENSTEIN.

Since writing this blog I've gained an appreciation for the horror classics, and I have to say out of all the golden era (20s and 30s period) this is probably my favorite. This is one movie I have to say really works well on the VHS format, the picture probably wasn't shot in anything more high definition than a tape would have been and the analogue tape format really carries the soundtrack and dialogue of the film well.

I'm sure we all have a fair idea of the plot or have at least read the book so there's no huge necessity for me to outline the plot again. Boris Karloff (see also The Mummy) once again is cast as the creature and while I'm not familiar with anyone else acting in the film they all do a great job, movies as this one rely on dialogue and the interplay with light/shadows and of course the soundtrack and a great job is done in all areas.

Production values aside it rolls along nicely as a film, the visual quality seems ahead of the other monster films of the time and doesn't feel as slow paced as some of the other films of the generation. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it the whole way through. Another point to mention is that Frankenstein's monster is not an ambitious talk to recreate with the technology of the time as some of the creatures (universal monsters) look quite comical now where as in this case the monster is quite believable.

As with most films of this era there's no real gore or graphic violence so you can watch it with your younger children or elderly parents without the fear of upsetting anyone. I couldn't find a free online version of it but its available to stream on You Tube or I'm sure you won't have too much trouble finding it at a second hand store or Ebay or something

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